A reliable way to track your trip and find where you are
From your phone, tablet, or laptop

Reliable Bluetooth and TCP/IP NMEA GPS receiver emulation
  • Uses GPS to tell your phone or your computer where you are. Works with Google Earth, ArcGIS, and other destop/mobile apps.
  • Works with Bluetooth Equipped computers and mobile phones.
  • Uses only your Android 2.0 mobile phone or tablet.
Reliable trip tracking and mapping using your Android device
  • Record your trips and show/track them on Google Maps.
  • Uses only your Android 2.0 mobile phone or tablet.
  • Replay your recorded trips on your phone or tablet, or on Google Earth™ and Google Maps™
SolidSync brings you innovative, reliable and proven location solutions for your mobile and desktop computing devices at a fraction of the cost of dedicated devices.
  • Get it in the Android Market.
  • Works on your phone.
  • Works with your software.
  • Works on your computer.
  • No need for additional expensive hardware.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Run all the software in the background while you continue to work with your device.
What people are saying
“the choice is obvious: the SolidSync app has better documentation, and more features, at the same price. If you need this kind of app, this is the one you should choose.”

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