About SolidSync
SolidSync provides innovative, reliable location solutions for modern desktop and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. With the recent explosion in popularity of Android and iOS devices the foundation for a wide range of inexpensive personal location solutions is now widely available. Certain functions such as GPS location data that previously required dedicated hardware or expensive software can now be made accessible through inexpensive smartphone apps; these leverage the capabilities in the device you already have to provide the functionality you want.
Easy, reliable solutions
Our products are designed to be easy to install, easy to operate and reliable to use: no surprises, no unexpected behavior.
Extensive documentation at your fingertips
All our products ship with highly detailed documentation built in to the application. Once you have the product you have everything you need to use it: no need to go to another website and search out usage information. You can always access the help from the application’s main screen.
Solid support
We provide direct support over email, and typically respond within 24 hours to all support inquiries. All applications have a direct feedback form and we regularly update our products based on user feedback.
SolidSync products are developed by IdeaSynthesis LLC, a Boston-based design consultancy and software publishing firm.

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